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  • Who We Are

    About two thousand years ago, on the day called Pentecost, the first invitation was given to become part of the church which Jesus Christ came to build (Matthew 16:18). Acts 2 describes exactly what happened, and you can read this invitation for yourself in verses 37-41 of that chapter.

    In the Bible, the word “church” referred to those who were disciples, or followers, of Jesus. Disciples were those who had been baptized (i.e., immersed) in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and who honored Jesus as their Lord by trying to obey all the teachings that He delivered through His apostles (Matthew 28:16-20).

    We take our quest to obey God in all things very seriously (Luke 6:46-49), and we study the New Testament to discover exactly what God wants us, His church, to be. For instance, we are determined to promote the kind of personal behavior and treatment of others that God, in the Bible, has clearly shown us is the way that He wants us to behave and treat others. And we are determined to make sure that our congregation is organized the way that God, in His word, has clearly shown us is the way that He wants us to be organized. And we are determined to worship God only in ways that He has, in the Bible, clearly shown us to be ways which He wants us to worship Him.


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